Is this service available in my area?

YES, as long as you own a PC (laptop, desktop, travelmate, etc.) and Internet connection. With these 2 requirements you will receive a full level of service.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to watch your satellite tv online?

NO. The access to the service is immediate. All you have to do is go to the order page, complete the purchase process then give us 6 hours to review your payment and activate your membership, then you can sign in and go to download area to install the software on your PC and that’s it! You will start watching our Satellite TV straight away.

Faq: technical

(popular) How does HotSatellite TV Player work?

Our software works by connecting to over 3000+ of worldwide TV and 2000+ of radio channels that are streamed over the internet. This new technology is called TV over IP.

Will this work on any computer ?

YES, HotSatellite TV Media Player works on all computers running a Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista Operative System. Note: It does not work on MAC or Linux Operative System.

APART FROM PC AND INTERNET, Do I need any additional equipment TO WATCH TV?

NO, You do not need anything else. No TV cards, No antennas, No Satellite Dishes, No descramblers, hardware or additional equipment is needed.

Do you ever add new channels?

YES, we are constantly adding new channels and features. You will receive updates from us on a daily basis. That’s why there’s a big difference between us and our direct competitors! We are constantly updating the channel lists and the software features to make sure you get the richest TV over IP software in the internet.


YES. Technically our software works with all internet connection types. Anyhow we reccomend an DSL+ type of connection.


YES. It’s the product on the market with the most user friendly interface.

Faq: purchase

(popular) Can I USE the software for more than one computer?

YES, you can use to as many as you want computer / laptop.

(popular) Do you offer any guarantee on my purchase?

YES. All purchases benefit of our special 7 day guarantee. We guarantee functioning of the software!


NO. Hot Satellite TV Media Player has only one price USD 9.95.
Compare this price list with our direct competitors’ and find out we sell the best TV-over-IP software at the cheapest price! Please also remember that No Activation Costs apply to this offer!

(popular) how long is the software license valid for?

FOREVER. This is a lifetime license! It goes with the life of the PC.

is there any recurring payment or bill?

NO, absolutely not. You only pay a one time fee . There are no monthly subscription fees and no recurring payments. This is not a monthly membership. Once you buy the software you get a lifetime access to our directory of TV channels. No monthly billing or recurring charges apply to this offer.

MY pc crashed and i lost your software. can i REINSTALL it A SECOND TIME?

YES. ¬†all you have to do is simply log in with your user name and password and download the software again! Access to the Member’s Area is unlimited and it will last forever.

Do i get also updates for new tv channels?

YES. We update our directory of TV channels on a regular basis. Our Content Management Team constantly updates the list of channels in order to maximise our customer’s satisfaction. This service is FREE!

(popular) do you offer technical support?

YES. No like others , we offer you lifetime technical support for this software.

what is Hotsatellite tv player plus?

HotSatellite TV Player Plus is the elite version of Satellite TV Media Player. It contains also thousands of Radio channels and Online Movies to better respond to your entertainment needs.

what do i get after purchasing Hotsatellite tv media player?

After you place your order ( six hours after purchase and payment) we will give you access to a webpage where you can download the software program on your PC.


IS my personal data secure during the registration process?

ABSOLUTELY! Your personal information is not shared with any other third party. Confidentiality and privacy protection represent a top priority in our organization. The registration and billing procedure is made 100% secure by the best technology available for e-commerce transactions (SSL protocol security at 128 bit).