About HOTsatelliteTV.com

HotsatelliteTV.com is a company focusing on providing quality and affordable multimedia solutions to our clients all over the world. We use high-tech equipment and new technologies to broadcast popular events online on the Internet.

Our customer service team is available 24/7 and always looking forward to assisting you with questions or inquiries you might have regarding our service. Contact us at cienik@HotSupersatelliteTV.com OR Click here to CONTACT US

Our company’s mission is customer satisfaction. We simply strive to provide an outstanding level of customer service and support while continuously expanding our Web presence nationally and internationally.

Our Service:

- Connects you directly with worldwide live radios and TV streams.
- Avoids illegal software, spyware and movie downloads .
- Has all your favorite stations on your member account.
- Keeps you from wasting time looking for live TV or radio on the web. Everything is in one place.
- Access stations and your account from any computer in any part of the world.